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Product description

The Edryer is a Hot Air torch capable of replacing the conventional LPG gas for the drying process on a variety of decks. The Edryer is electrically powered and with no flames, it is inherently safe. Powered by clean 110V single phase electricity the Edryer can deliver 4KW of dry air at velocities that can compete at ease with the conventional LPG gas torch.

Designed and built in the UK, The Edryer is an electrically powered, high speed torch. Single phase 16amp supply with a simple 'plug and play' logic system, the equipment heats the air quickly and efficiently through the complex heater matrix to the desired temperature. The control systems ensure the equipment operates at the selected temperature, and with no naked flame the risk of fire is eradicated. The burn risk to operatives is also reduced significantly with the equipment shrouded to provide cool surfaces. Works on or adjacent to existing buildings is also minimised as the Edryer only emits hot air and not a naked flame. The hot air is focused onto the deck using an extended nozzle.

Safety is a paramount factor and the Edryer has been specifically designed. Current censoring detects any grounding issues which locks out the machine in milliseconds protecting the operative from the risk of shock.

Key/ Safety features

  • Light weight electrically powered torch replacing the conventional gas equivalent

  • Nozzle attachment provides fixed direction for drying 

  • Edryer output - 360m3/hr. @ 60-80oC

  • Suitable and safe for both internal and external building applications

  • Highly manouverable

  • Designed to be arm held, perfectly balanced for pitch, roll and radial movements

  • Unique design, providing 'cool side' surfaces

  • Joystick controller incorporating the trigger control switch

  • Simple to use

  • Safety lockout feature in the event of air restriciton with auto reset

  • Electrical technology eliminates the risk of flash and vapour ignition fires

  • Pre-set temperature control that is factory set

 Servicing & warranty

  • The Edryer series is covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty (conditions apply)

  • The warranty remains valid for that period on condition that service terms are adhered to

  • PAT test every 3 months

  • Servicing is required every 6 months. Care plan available on request

Imperial Thermal Engineering’s Eseries is a quantum leap forward in the preparation and handling of modern bituminised rubber compounds (hot-melt) and sheet material. This equipment has been developed in order to eradicate the use of propane gas on construction sites.

The Edryer has been developed with production in mind, powered by clean single phase electricity. Using an electrically operated piece of equipment as a primary heat source will avoid the safety and quality control issues arising from the use of LPG gas torches.

On today’s modern construction sites gas-fired equipment is becoming unacceptable and deemed to be a significant risk.

Current risks associated with gas torches include:

  • Presence of naked flames in confined and semi-confined spaces

  • Use of a torch on or adjacent to adjoining buildings where unknown material maybe present

  • The use of gas torches to dry plywood or other combustible materials

  • Presence of naked flames in the proximity of spirit based primers

  • Materials exceeding maximum manufacturers specified temperatures

  • Poor regulation of heat often exceeds the flash-point of the material

  • Significant safety hazards such as direct burns to operators during use

  • Site specific controls associated with naked flames and hot works

  • Hot-works permits required reducing the working day by at least one hour

  • Significant CO2 footprint from use of gas torches.

  • Inherent dangers of unattended equipment

  • Site space issues through associated storage requirements for gas bottles

The Etorch has been designed and developed to address all of these issues offering unrivalled safety.