The Eseries

The Eseries from ITE answers the call for safe gas-free solutions for melting bitumen based compounds, drying a variety of surfaces, torching membranes to upstands, and effecting all types of detail work including pitch pockets. These products are essential for anyone working in the construction sector.

Etorch logo white.png

Torch on without flame…

Our most exciting product! The Etorch can be used either as a flame-free torch or as a high speed dryer. Quick to heat and simple to operate it is the perfect partner product for our Epot. Delivered with a range of detail nozzles which are designed to tackle detail work flexibly and efficiently. 

EPot white .png

Replace your LPG pot with this new, safe, environmentally friendly, easy to use

electric boiler.


With fast melting times and a simple, tamper-proof operation our pot is quick to get to grips with. Highly manoeuvrable and available in 3 sizes - Epot 100 Balcony pot with a 100l capacity for small spaces, the Epot 300, a 300l capacity for medium spaces, and Epot 500, a 500l capacity.


Unleash the power of 240v!


BAK's 240v hand blowers are an ergonomic, more powerful equivalent to the traditional 110v handwelders available on the market.

Fully protected and compatible with the Etorch, unleash the power of 240v today!