Approved Manufacturers

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Langley Roofing Systems have been an advocate for flame free technology since the beginning.

The Etorch is endorsed by Langley to be used alongside there Self adhesive and bituminous systems.

Danosa Uk have been a partner with us since 2019, endorsing the Epot series equipment.

In early 2020 the Epot became a permanent feature at their training centre/ technical office

in portsmouth.

IKO has had a long running involvemnt with the Eseries since its inception nearly 6 years ago.

The Epot is featured at the Appleybridge training centre, where as the Etorch is used in R&D for future IKO developments.


Sikas hot melt system required a melter which wouldn't burn the compound inside the tank. The Epot proved to be so successful that Sika now feature an Epot at their training centre in Preston!

Axter Uk has been testing and trialling the equipment for a number of years to make sure that the equipment is up to standard.

Both the Etorch and Epot are compatible with a majority of Axter materials.