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Don't get left behind... Embrace the power that is electricity!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Roofing has seen a significant change since the 1900's. The introduction of hot melt and bituminous systems, flat roofing methods, and the infamous gas torch and pot.

However with increased safety measures and regulations, it is becoming obvious that traditional methods that have been used before are becoming less viable for the 21st century.

As site safety becomes more complex and scrutinised so does the equipment contractors have to use. We understand how important safety is to contractors, and with the introduction of the Etorch and Epot this has been our most important goal.

To embolden our vision on safety we have been able to acquire photos dating back as far as the 1930's. Although certain methods have changed (Asbestos and gas) the principle is that we are still using 40+ year old methods.

These archive photos do not lie. With the introduction of electricity WHY would we still use these dirty, old fashioned, dangerous methods. The Etorch and Epot can out perform any gas equivalent whilst also reducing environmental damage and the possibility of a fire!

Embrace the power... Go electric!

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