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The Epot 300 Returns!

We are excited to announce that the Epot 300 is making its return, but before we continue a bit of back sorry is needed.

The Epot 300 was the first generation of Epots using our groundbreaking technology. These new All electric boilers proved that electricity was the way forward within the roofing sector.

As time continued during this phase of development and trialing the Epot 300 continued to impress, and soon the fleet was up to six Epot 300 models.

Two of the version 1 Epot 300's

However once the Epot 500 system was implemented the 300 model was all but outdated, resulting in the retirement of the Epot 300's.

As of January this year we have been tirelessly working to get these machines up to date, and now we can confirm we have been successful!

Introducing the New Epot 300!

The new Epot 300 debuted at Futurebuild 2019!

The Epot 300's are making a return, and with the new system being implemented they will be the fastest models to date. Using the new internal chassis design with the unique layer system we have been able to bring our Epot 300's back out of retirement.

Want to know more?

Give us a call on 01376 330 582 (2) or email


All Epot Logos, designs and equipment are attributed, trademarked and owned by Imperial Thermal Engineering.

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