About us

At Imperial Thermal Engineering Ltd (ITE) we are committed to innovation to remove the need for dependence on gas on construction sites of all types. ITE is proud to launch innovative new electrically operated equipment for the Construction industry targeted at the removal of gas and the associated risk of fire.


Since 2014 ITE has designed and developed a series of equipment which provides solutions for some of the oldest technology used in the construction sector, which uses LPG, for the preparation and installation of bitumen based compounds and sheet materials. The industry has long suffered from lack of innovation in this field resulting in the ongoing use of obsolete equipment which is not only inherently unsafe, but also inefficient, not user or environmentally friendly, noisy, and dirty.


LPG is a highly flammable explosive gas with disastrous consequences if not controlled or maintained correctly. Naked flame is unquestionably the highest risk often causing fires during the drying and torching of membranes. Burn risks to operatives are substantial and poorly maintained equipment leads to fires through leaking gas.


Industry statistics regarding fires caused by gas fed equipment on building sites are alarming – ITE has been working with industry experts to develop a solution to a problem which causes over 10 construction site fires daily, costs insurance companies over £400 million each year and untold life changing injuries to operatives.


As the risk of terrorism increases so does the need to consider alternatives to replace this most hazardous of materials.