About us

At Imperial Thermal Engineering Ltd (ITE) we are committed to innovation that removes the need for dependence on LPG (gas) on construction sites which accounts for 50% of green house gas emissions in the UK. ITE is proud to be at the forefront of innovative technology using electricity in the replacement of fossil fuels for equipment in the construction industry. 


Since 2014 ITE has designed and developed a series of equipment which provides solutions for some of the oldest technology used in the construction sector. Removing fossil fuels from the process for the preparation and installation of bitumen based compounds and sheet materials is the fundamental principle of the company. The industry has long suffered from lack of innovation in this field, consequently the traditional equipment is a major contributor to Co2 emissions.


LPG is a highly flammable gas with serious consequences if not controlled or maintained correctly. Naked flame is unquestionably one of the highest risks often associated with the drying and torching of roofing membranes. 


Industry statistics regarding construction site fires caused by the hot works process are a major cause for concern.