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Product description

Designed and built in the UK, the Epot is an electrically controlled, compound heater. Using a 415v, 3-phase 32 or 63amp supply with a simple ‘plug and play’ logic system, the equipment heats the compound quickly and efficiently to the desired temperature. The control software maintains the pre-determined temperature throughout the operation duration using mirroring censoring. The control systems ensure the equipment operates at the temperature set by the manufacturer and this eliminates the risk of ‘flash’ and vapour ignition fires. The burn risk to operatives is almost eradicated with the introduction of ‘cool side’ technology and the primary melting/loading chamber at a comfortable height. Open the lightweight lid and place the compound blocks onto the heated melting plates. Close the lid and the blocks will simply melt away, re-load and repeat the process.

The Epot series has been developed with an agitator system and once the temperature sensors permits, the agitation process will commence automatically, mixing and ensuring even heat distribution throughout the compound.

The Epot has a self-clean lining which was developed for the aerospace industry. This advance in pot design now prevents the build-up of carbon which consequently slows the performance of the machine. All internal surfaces are coated in order to maintain a long life ensuring there's no build-up of compound within the main vessel.

The Epot series is highly manoeuvrable on its 4 castors which includes a braked pair.

Available in 3 sizes - a 100Ltr  balcony pot (Epot 100) is ideal for use on and in small and confined spaces, a 300Ltr version (Epot 300) for medium spaces and a 500Ltr version (Epot 500) for larger applications.

Key safety features

  • Electrical heated boiler for melting bitumen based rubber compounds used in structural roofing & waterproofing installations

  • Computer controlled to ensure the compound is heated at a constant and even temperature, to the manufacturer’s specification, thereby delivering a quality assured product

  • Clear red LED indicator displaying the current compound temperature aiding the operator as to when the compound is ideal for use

  • Electrical technology eliminates the risk of flash and vapour ignition fires

  • Get working quickly: Unique two-stage delivery up to 4 litres of melted compound per minute from an Epot 500 and 2 litre per minute from an Epot 100

  • Certified lifting bail on Epot 300 & 500 for crane lifting

  • Waist height primary melting chamber eliminating the risk of ‘splash back’ during charging

  • Bunded outer tank- no need for a large (whole machine) drip trays

  • Zero fire risk- no need for a ‘pot man’ to stand watch during operation

  • Cool sides to all external surfaces of the equipment using super-efficient insulation

  • Silent running

  • Single cable connection using steel braided reinforced cables

  • Longer cable extensions are available

  • Touch screen control pad, locked with a digital password to prevent use by unauthorised access

  • Pre-set temperature control that is factory set

  • Safety warning neon indicator lamps during use to warn others that the equipment is in use

  • Hibernation feature to reduce the temperature of the pot for long periods when compound is not required i.e. Overnight

  • All stainless steel vessel construction with a non-stick coating incorporated within a steel frame chassis with robust braked castors

  • Easy clean interior

  • Even when empty the Epot series cannot overheat

  • Available with or without agitator

Servicing & warranty

  • The Epot series is covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty (conditions apply)

  • The warranty remains valid for that period on condition that service terms are adhered to

  • Servicing is required every 6 months. Care plan available on request

Epot 100 Datasheet

Epot 300 Datasheet

Epot 500 Datasheet

Imperial Thermal Engineering’s Epot series has been designed for the heating of modern bituminised rubber compounds (hot-melt) and to replace propane gas with electricity.

The Epot range has been developed with production in mind fast heat up and melting times powered by clean 3 phase electricity. Using an electrically operated piece of equipment as a primary heat source will avoid the safety and quality control issues arising from the use of gas fired pots.

On today’s modern construction sites gas-fired equipment is becoming undesirable due to the Co2 emissions and

risk of fire.

These are as follows:-

  • Presence of naked flames and risks of flash fires

  • Compound exceeding maximum manufacturers specified temperatures

  • Poor regulation of heat often exceeds the manufacturers specifications for the compound

  • Safety hazards such as splash back to operators when loading

  • High external temperature of the boiler body creating   burn risks

  • Elevated site specific controls associated with naked flames and hot works

  • Hot-works permits required reducing the working day by at least one hour including a fire watch window

  • Large CO2 footprint from inefficient LPG fired boilers

  • Site space issues through associated storage requirements for gas and gas pots, gas storage cages and lifting cages

  • Logistic issues relating to deliveries and on-site LPG cylinder movements

The Epot series has been designed and developed to address all of these issues offering unrivalled safety.