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Imperial Thermal Engineering’s Etorch 3 is the latest all electric torch for the industrial roofing sector. The Etorch 3 is perfect for drying any roof deck and is the ideal partner for use alongside BUR, Self-Adhesive, Liquid, Hotmelt and 

Single ply systems.


The new Etorch 3 is a compact, lightweight, versatile, robust, and powerful dryer and self adhesive felt activator which delivers enhanced performance. Utilising three separate functions, it is ideal for use across all roofing systems



• Dry mode - Dry all surfaces and in all temperatures

• Activate mode - 6 settings for self adhesive sheet activation

• 3no sockets for matched hot air welders 

and blowers

• Pre-set temperature range control that is 

factory set

• Variable air flow to eliminate marking to mineral cap sheets

• Joystick controller incorporating speed and primary function switches

• Simple to operate

• Plug and play technology

• Highly manoeuvrable on compact chassis

• Service light on the control panel will indicate when the unit requires servicing.


Safety features

• Light weight electrically powered torch replacing the conventional gas equivalent

• Suitable and safe for both internal and external building applications

• Safe to use at upstands and building perimeters

• Automatic over temp protection to 

prevent ignition

• Designed to be arm held, perfectly balanced for pitch, roll and radial movement

• Cool side carbon fibre outer casing

• Eliminates the risk of flash and vapour 

ignition fires

• 30MA protection to prevent operative harm



Cables, power requirements & consumption

415V, 3-phase, 32Amp. (UK and Europe)

480V, 3-phase, 32Amp. (Canada and USA)

Earth & neutral required (5 pin plug).

Power consumption: 28KVA (22 Kw/hr) only during operation. 

The Etorch 3 is connected to the control box by a 5m sleeved hose. The control box features a 5 pin 32A male plug connected by a 4m cable. A 20m extension cable is supplied to allow the control panel to be connected to the main 

3-phase power supply.

To reach longer distances to power sources further extension cables at 20m and 40m are available to purchase.

Mains monitor relay is included in the control panel to protect against external power issues.

Note: For use on site without a permanent fixed supply we recommend using a 30KVA site generator with a 32amp five pin plug fitting (Red & white plug). If the generator has a 64amp plug an adapter is available to purchase to fit the 32 amp cable plug.

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CN Awards

Imperial Thermal Engineering is extrmemely proud and humbled to to have been selected as the winner, in the Best Product Innovation Category, at the CN Awards 2023 for the Etorch3!

You can find out more about the awards ceremony and what the judges thought of the Etorch3 by visiting

CN Awards 2023 - Winner HR white.png
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