BAK's 240v hand blowers are an ergonomic, more powerful equivalent to the traditional 110v handwelders available

on the market.

Problems associated with 110v include:

  • Voltage drop

  • Lower power output due to 110v

The need for a more powerful handwelder is very apparent and can be solved by the ErOn handblower, used alongside the Etorch series.

ErOn Datasheet

Product description

The Bak ErOn handblowers are available for purchase or hire from Imperial Thermal Engineering Ltd.

Utilising the 3 phase supply these handblowers can only be used in combination with the Etorch.

The BAK handblowers we supply are matched to our Etorch specific plug. Simply plug the handblower into the front Etorch panel and switch to fine detail mode. 

Key safety features

  • 3400W power output

  • Powerful handblower - Vastly superior to

      110v versions

  • Fully protected by our Eseries control panel

  • Temp Adjustment up to 650C

  • Standard 5m cable

  • To be used ONLY with Etorch range or systems with equivalent safety features.

BAK ErOn handblowers are now available today!

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