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Ebucket 2-11.png

Imperial Thermal Engineering’s Ebucket is the latest development to finally be released after 6 months of development.

On todays modern construction sites we still use conventional methods for bitumen based systems. The current practice is to pour the compound from the boiler into a steel bucket which is used for patch repair, up-stands and your basic pour/ roll systems. However the system we use today is not only outdated but dirty, inefficient and very dangerous.

Problems associated with a conventional bucket:

  • Compound sticks to all surfaces of bucket

  • Operatives able to spill compound

  • Risk of injury to operatives

  • Compound wastage due to cool down of compound

  • Compound can catch fire due to burning off excess

  • Low capacity buckets require multiple fills

The construction and roofing industry needed a bucket which would be able to solve these problems we currently face, and we believe we have solved it with the Ebucket!

Product description

Designed and built in the UK, the Ebucket is an electrically heated, computer controlled, compound heating bucket. Using a 110v supply with a simple ‘plug and play’ logic system, the equipment keeps the compound warm at the desired temperature. The control software maintains the pre-determined temperature throughout the operation duration using mirroring thermocouple censoring. The control systems ensure the equipment operates at the temperature set by the manufacturer and this eliminates the risk of ‘flash’ and vapour ignition fires. The burn risk to operatives is almost eradicated with the introduction of ‘cool side’ technology featured on the Epot platform and the primary loading chamber. Open the safety locking lid and place the Ebucket under the spout of the Epot or other brand bitumen boiler. Once full place on the dedicated heater plate to keep your compound warm until you are required to use it. 

The Ebucket has been designed to feature a hot plate heater system. Simply plug into the mains with a 110v lead and switch on. You will see the temperature rise to the desired temperature the manufacturer has set. When the bucket is placed on the hot plate the compound stays warm, ensuring there is no product wastage and no need to burn off cooled compound from inside the bucket.

The Ebucket is highly manoeuvrable with a reinforced lifting arm which allows operatives to easily carry it around site without the risk of it snapping or warping with compound inside.


Key safety features

  • Hot plate heater system

  • Full locking, anti rust, anti spill lid

  • Robust, strong exterior and interior

  • Non stick interior coating

  • 110v power supply

  • Tamper free temperature adjustment

With the Ebucket now in the process of releasing in the next few weeks you can register your interest by making an enquiry today!

Datasheets will be available soon for full technical specs.