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What Our Clients and Partners Say

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Rhino contacted Imperial regarding the use of the E-Torch at our site in Sellindge, Ashford. The works consisted of the safe removal of mastic asphalt waterproofing and reinstating with new cold applied liquid waterproofing to a fire damaged roof. Due to the previous fire damage Rhino took the decision to remove any naked flame from the new waterproofing works and therefore needed to prepare and dry the concrete substrate using an alternative to the traditional gas torch. Our labour force was sceptical of the E-torch and its ability to perform, however once Joshua had attended site and delivered the familiarisation training required the guys began to warm up to the machine and our decision to use it.  

We used both the mark 1 and mark 2 machines and both performed equally. I can safely say every single one of our operatives involved in the waterproofing works were astonished, and outwardly impressed with the speed, efficiency, and ease of use. The E-Torch outperformed expectations and the Main Contractor and Clients Health & Safety teams were happy and grateful to eliminate any further risk of fire by using the machine.  

With more and more Main Contractors looking to remove naked flames from site, and our recent experience using the E-Torch, we can safely say we will be happy to hire / purchase an E-Torch for our next suitable project.


Thank you, Jonathan and Joshua from the Imperial Team.

Kevin Zimmerman,

Rhino Exteriors Ltd

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