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About us

At Imperial Thermal Engineering we are committed to delivering the latest technology to remove naked flames from construction processes. We innovate and develop fully automated, all electric equipment designed to remove the use of fossil fuels, increase safety and improve efficiency. We set high values on minimising environmental impacts, providing a unique customer experience and excellence in our field


Since 2014 Imperial Thermal has been developing alternative solutions to some of the oldest installation methods still used in the roofing and construction industry today.

Removing fossil fuels from the process for the preparation and installation of bitumen-based compounds and sheet materials is a fundamental principle of the company. LPG is a highly flammable gas with serious consequences if not controlled or maintained correctly. Naked flame is unquestionably one of the highest risks often associated with the roofing process. 


The construction industry has long suffered from lack of innovation and consequently the traditional equipment used is also a key contributor to CO2 emissions. It’s worth remembering that for every kg of LPG burnt 3 kg of CO2 is produced!

Imperial Thermal is proud to be at the forefront of innovation which uses electricity to replace fossil fuels in these processes,

with the added benefit of reducing CO2 output.

Meet the Team

Intelligent thinking. Clever design

The ITE team makes everything we do possible.

Our family run business manufactures fully electric equipment for the roofing and construction industry

With over 50 years of industry experience we have developed equipment that has revolutionised the construction industry in the UK and we are continuing to develop and innovate where previous comments have suggested it to be impossible.

ITE Milestones


A frightening experience with a gas boiler that resulted in a determination to do roofing work safely and without flame leads to the first design ideas for an all-electric melter  


Our first prototype all electric hot melt machine called the Epot


Mace Safety First Second Nature Award – Innovation & Design Award. Awarded to Imperial Thermal for our innovative thinking designed to improve health & safety

in the Epot


Development of the Etorch starts.

The first prototype Etorch is tested and trialed on

construction sites.


Building Innovation Awards finalist for the Etorch in the category ‘Product and Technical Innovation of the year’


The early Etorch loses its Ghostbusters image and is revealed in a new sleek carbon fibre body, with no backpack, and improved performance through ongoing development of its unique technology.


The Etorch MKII is released onto the market and interest flourishes despite Covid.


COP26 draws attention to the desperate need to reduce CO2 emissions. The green agenda and risk of fire accelerates interest in Imperial Thermal’s products.


Etorch patent granted. In March 2023 the Etorch3 was launched – smaller, lighter but no less powerful.

In July 2023 the Etorch3 was awarded Best Product Innovation at the Construction News Awards 2023


The journey

continues ..…..

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