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What we do?

ITE designs and manufactures electrically powered construction equipment that provides a flame free alternative to traditional equipment which uses LPG.


Epot - electrically heated compound heater - for melting Hot-melt, bituminous based compounds.

Etorch - electrically powered torch - for drying all types of roof decks and activating self- adhesive roofing systems.

Ebucket - electrically powered insulated bucket - for keeping the compound at temperature when melted for distribution to the point of use.

































The equipment functions through the connection to a 32amp or 63amp, 3-phase power supply. 

A 3-phase power supply is an electricity supply found in most commercial and many larger residential buildings. 

Three-phase power provides three alternating currents on separate conductors. These alternating currents increase and decrease at different times within each alternating current cycle to produce a more constant and consistent voltage than single-phase systems.

3-phase power systems most commonly use three phase conductors and one neutral wire.


3-phase power can help run loads more easily and is absolutely required for heavier electrical loads, whether it’s a large office building or a factory. It is commonly found on construction sites.


Always consult a knowledgable person on site about the availability of 3-phase power!


Should a 3-phase power supply not be available our equipment will work from a 32 KVA generator which are available in a road towable format. Imperial Thermal can point you in the direction of suppliers of suitable generators. 

What makes it work? Electricity!

Etorch drying
Epot with Danosa products
Forest fire

Zero emissions for a sustainable future!

First of all let’s consider how the current but obsolete roofing equipment and processes are impacting on the environment.


•       40% of all emissions globally are from the construction industry

•       11% of these come from materials and processes such as roofing 

•       Around 40million M2 of single use plastics from torch-on membranes are burnt in the UK every year - enough to cover over 7500 football pitches! 

•       For every 1Kg LPG burnt = 3Kg CO2 released

•       At least 200,000 tons of CO2 are released by roofing activities alone

•       Add to this the excessive energy consumption of current equipment - in use its only 50% effective. You waste as much as you use!

•       These are unsustainable industry practices.


Imperial Thermal Engineering produces a range of equipment which addresses these environmental impacts whilst providing a unique unrivalled experience, that is not only highly efficient but also cost effective.   

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