What is the alternative to gas? 


ITE has developed a series of electrically powered products that provides a flame free alternative to the traditional equipment that uses LPG.


Epot - electrically heated compound heater - for melting Hot-melt, bituminous based compounds

Etorch - electrically powered torch - for drying all types of roof decks or old roofing systems

Ebucket - electrically powered insulated bucket - for keeping the compound at temperature when melted for distribution to the point of use.


The concept uses 3-phase power to drive the Epot and Etorch and the Ebucket is plugged into the Epot for use in-conjunction with Epot.


Successful field trials with our Epots, carried out in conjunction with main contractors, have resulted in impressive endorsements for the machine.


The benefits of using electricity instead of LPG speak for themselves:-

  • Zero emissions

  • No use of fossil fuels in the process

  • Removal of vehicle movements for gas transportation

  • Highly efficient and cost effective

  • No logistical issues such as gas storage and gas trolleys

  • No elevated H&S risk assessments related to site protocols to consider

  • Safe environment

  • Fire and burn risks all but aradicated

  • Less labour involved in the management of the equipment

  • Less damage to the integrity of the materials as a result of high temperatures