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Imperial Thermal Engineering announces a Scandinavian distributor

Eseries Norway is the new partner for distribution across Scandinavia of the complete range of LPG free products including Etorch3, Epot and Hot Melt Pod from Imperial Thermal Engineering.


Kim Stangnes, principal at Norwegian roofing contractor, Isotak is behind this bold move when they were looking at gas alternatives for Isotak’s roofing work and couldn’t find anything in their home country.


Time was of the essence, as regulation changes in Norway came in on 25 January 2024 which meant gas can no longer be used on construction sites in major cities. The Isotak team was looking for an alternative to LPG and found Imperial Thermal Engineering online. The Isotak team visited Imperial Thermal Engineering at its Essex HQ. So impressed with the products, they not only decided to buy the products, but could see a bigger business opportunity as a distributor and set up the new company to focus on sales and hire of Imperial Thermal Engineering’s award winning, gas free product range.


Jonathan Forbes-Brown, Managing Director at Imperial Thermal Engineering, says: “We were surprised to find out that there wasn’t an alternative like ours in Norway, but with the legislative changes, and the enthusiasm of the Isotak team, we could see this joint opportunity to supply our products throughout Scandinavia.


“The interest in Imperial Thermal Engineering’s products has been higher than ever this year, and the beginning of 2024 has seen record sales. Legislation pushes people into finding an alternative, but there’s also a willingness by the most professional contractors to be cleaner and greener. Our products tick all the environmental boxes for this, plus they are cleaner and easier to use.”


Kim Stangnes from Isotak adds: “We chose to work with Imperial Thermal Engineering as the company is on its toes looking for a better future in the construction industry. They helped us get a project in Oslo, Norway because of the fossil-free systems it offers. Plus, the agile way of thinking gave us the confidence to know that this will become a great partnership in the years to come.”


The award-winning Etorch is available to hire or buy from Imperial Thermal Engineering, for more information visit

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