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The new Quick Melt Pod makes its first debut!

Trials on site have begun of this new product from ITE for melting out used Galv bitumen buckets!

Designed and developed in 2023 the QMP is now facing its first on site trials.

The QMP is a galvanised bucket melter, designed to remove left over bitumen left in buckets.

The traditional method of removing the bitumen is to burn out the bucket using a gas torch. This method is a terrible use of fossil fuel, but it is also a waste of resources and bad for the environment. With the on site target for zero emission across the construction and roofing industry, it is no surprise we have had many requests to develop this piece of equipment.

The first prototype model will be used alongside the traditional methods to see its effectiveness and speed compared to what roofers are accustomed to.

The QMP is temperature controlled which eliminates the fire risk from overheating the compound. An automatic turn on/ off feature eliminates the need for operatives to operate the equipment, and its pre-locked temp controller also eliminates operative interference.

The Quick Melt Pod is just one of several product reveals for 2024 so watch this space for the reveal of other products and the release date of the QMP!

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