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Imperial Thermal Engineering keeps roof installations ahead with the all-electric Etorch

Amber and red weather warnings seem to have come thick and fast and over 2023, and we have seen more storms than ever before. Rain causes a massive issue for roofers because to install a roof, the deck must be dry.

Drying roof decks quickly, efficiently, and safely, has been at the centre of Imperial Thermal Engineering’s product development. This year, Etorch3 was recognised at the Construction News Awards, winning in the Best Product Innovation category. Etorch is a lightweight, compact, electrically powered, zero-emissions dryer and self-adhesive activator. Contractors that have switched to Etorch’s flame-free technology are reaping benefits for speed, cost and emissions.

“Etorch had to be both efficient to use and cost-effective,” says Jonathan Forbes-Brown, Managing Director at Imperial Thermal Engineering. “That’s why drying decks with an Etorch is easy.

“We are seeing more sites demanding higher environmental standards by the roofing contractors. Etorch offers zero emissions, and when compared to the emissions from gas torches, Etorch is the clear winner. Again, with safety, certain contractors or projects require flame free equipment which makes the all-electric Etorch the answer.

“As winter sets in, we are faced with an ever-increasing number of wet, damp days. Ensuring quick drying of roof decks before installing the roof is even more important to keep on schedule.

“The technology of the Etorch dries up a variety of surfaces and can save time on site in comparison to the use of gas torches ‒ a fact accepted by system manufacturers and proven by users. Etorch allows roofers to work year-round: avoiding unnecessary downtime, battling the challenge of inclement weather and saving on costs.”

The award winning Etorch is available to hire or buy from Imperial Thermal Engineering, for more information visit  

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