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Welcome to our new website!

Our website has been updated as we enter 2024

As part of our continued and ongoing developments, we have taken the enormous task of updating our website. This has taken several weeks since we had a full overhaul of the site, in which we had to update our privacy, cookie and GDPR policies, product information and navigation.

We have also taken the time to make the site more interactive and less technical. By doing so this will make the viewing and reading experience easier for the viewer since you can now find the information you need within a couple of clicks! (No more scrolling a reading endless text!)

We hope you enjoy your visit and feel free to take a look through all our pages we have redesigned. As always we have a lot of news and developments coming this year, and the new newsletter blog will be making a comeback as we have some exciting developments we cannot wait to share with you.

See you soon and enjoy your visit!



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